Wednesday, April 27, 2005

hey people if anyone's interested in helping me organise a fundraiser to raise money/ raise awareness of fistulas and the fistula hospital in addis ababa, put your name down ... it will be in septmember, or around there so theres heaps of planning time. if anyone can write really really persuasive letters to certain media agents ... to get maggie taberer to it (theres a reason or 6 why maggie t) help is needed cos i canna write for shyte

any suggestions or ideas welcome

plan so far...

Fistula fundraising


  1. Bracelets, book by catherine hamlin...


  1. Tesfa Ineste – let’s give them hope in ethiopian, motto of hospital...



3.   needed

  1. Cinema – Wallis/Kensington preferable.

  2. Media personality – Maggie Tabberer – read biography

  3. Fliers – melly!

·        Front page – ‘Tesfa Ineste – let’s give them hope’

·        Inside introductory, Fistulas and information about doctor Catherine Hamlin 

·        Maggie Tabberer

·        Plot of movie

·        Wheelchair access

·        Website, contact details

·        Thankyou to sponsors like cinema, Harry m miller, schools



  1. African food

·        Ingredients

·        Description



  1. Movie appropriate to cause – women based, 30-60 age group, comedy/drama. Not action.


9.        Local advertisements.


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