Thursday, April 28, 2005

i was thinking today, how my granpa donated his body to the uni so they could do pracs n shit on it and im so goin to do the same thing
i dont know how much they pay you, but seriously think of the deals
"i give you my body for 50, and my soul for 10 aye"
you could sell your soul or make it part of the whole bargain. like "body for 50 WITH A FREE SOUL!!!" or you could make them pay foryour soul as well as your body in one of those deals where you HAVETOBUY the soul to get the body so theyre paying for something they cant experiement on anyway.
and think
you could sell your body to unis overseas. you may never get to travel in your living lifetime but your corpse could be traveling to madrid first class


At 6:14 pm, Blogger Danni said...

hey poppit.

iiiiiiiiiiiits... DANNI! woohoo.

danke for the comment! mwah!

bodyjam is fun!



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