Sunday, May 08, 2005

Don’t you hate it when you make huge efforts, and the forces of nature override them?

Like when you make an effort with people, and you just happen to forget things that you promised them when you've made an effort particularly this week to be a good mate, or when you are late to work despite getting up half an hour earlier because your father HAD to have a shower. And so you’re late because of someone else but yet you’re the one who gets a lecture about being a good team worker, and how it might affect your assessment?

I’m not having a bitch or anything but I just feel like crying or something to get the frustration out. And this sounds weak anyway.

What’s’ upsetting is when you do make an effort to be optimistic and positive for other people and they treat you like shit, tease and mock you and be bitches. There are two types of people in the world. You know the whole “turn your cheek so they can slap the other” (the meaning is that they’re meant to be too ashamed to slap it again but anyway) and they SLAP THE OTHER CHEEK? So there are two types of people, those who will turn the cheek and those who will slap it. I’d prefer to be in the first part but how many goddamn people prefer the latter?

Works going really well … I’m actually surprising myself doing things I never thought I’d be able to handle. While I strongly doubt I’ll desensitise anytime soon to the smell of crap, I’m doing quite well according to Mike who’s the DON, (director of nursing). And I wish I could take you in to see the residents, they’re so funny and so sweet. There’s this whole confidentiality thing I had to sign which means I cant tell you names but Christ on a cracker there are some funny ones. There’s one old woman who looks like ET with a few strands of long grey hair poking out, and she has dementia (99% of them do…) and she sits on her room ‘reading books ‘ (I.e. turning a page every 30 minutes) and when you say hi she goes mental! She starts screaming “OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD OHMYLORD”

And a typical conversation goes something like “hi **** how are we today?”


And she has a wind up duck that makes quack noises, so if you wind it up and give it to her she speeds up. Its like she’s in competition with it or something. Cute nonetheless!


At 11:45 am, Anonymous f said...'s good works going good. people are stupid. especially people that make life hard for you. SMILE and be happy.


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